Recordings by 'Georgia Gibbs W Earl Hagen'

Here is a discography of 3 phonograph recordings by "Georgia Gibbs W Earl Hagen" :

Is It Worth It? - MAJESTIC (USA, 1940s) - 12007B - ; Composer: Chaplin - Delange; matrix: CT761=3; ~3 min
Willow Road - MAJESTIC (USA, 1940s) - 12000B - ; Composer: Torme - Wells; matrix: CT759=2; ~3 min
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - MAJESTIC (USA, 1940s) - 12000A - ; Composer: Irving Berlin 'blue Skies'; matrix: CT760=2; ~3 min

Note: There may be other spellings of the artist's name, and you may find other recordings by "Georgia Gibbs W Earl Hagen" listed under other musical groupings.

See also Georgia Gibbs ( Glenn Osser Orch ) and Georgia Gibbs W Glenn Osser.

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