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Title Artist
John Brown's Dream Southern Broadcasters ( DaCosta Waltz )
Back To Old Smokey Mountain Smoky Mountain Ramblers
San Antonio Smoky Mountain Ramblers
Flatwoods Skillet Lickers
Four Cent Cotton Skillet Lickers
Giddap Napoleon Skillet Lickers
It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Skillet Lickers
Nancy Rollin Skillet Lickers
Never Seen The Like Since Gettin Upstairs Skillet Lickers
Polly Woddle Doo Skillet Lickers
Pretty Little Widow Skillet Lickers
Prittiest Little Girl In The County Skillet Lickers
Sal Let Me Chaw Your Rosin Skillet Lickers
Slow Buck Skillet Lickers
The Old Gray Mare Skillet Lickers
Come Be My Rainbow Scottdale String Band
Hiawatha Breakdown ( Snatch ) Scottdale String Band
My Own Iona Scottdale String Band
Stone Mountain Wobble Scottdale String Band
Big Eyed Rabbit Samantha Bumgarner & Eva Davis
Cindy In The Meadows Samantha Bumgarner & Eva Davis
Old Sefus Brown Rubin White
When The Bees Are In The Hive Roy Harper & Posey Rorer
When The Bees Are In The Hive Roy Harper & Posey Rorer
The Yodeling Mule Roy Harper & Earl Shirkey