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Bill Thomas

David Ritchie

From the back cover of our CD:

The search for great musical experiences has propelled me, it seems, through the whole of my life. That pursuit eventually landed me at a party in Jim Reidy's house where, midday, I noticed a shift in the quality of the music. I investigated and found that where there had been a CD player, now there were three people playing an old fiddle tune. Later that day it had escalated into three separate groups of folks in different parts of the house (and backyard) carrying on musical conversations, old Carter Family tunes, traditional instrumentals, originals, standards. It was a revelation. This was not a party given by session musicians and attended by record industry types. Scientists, web designers, and postal workers carried their instrument of choice from room to room, and they were good!

I first saw Chip, Jim, and Paul backing up the great Spider John Koerner. Months later, while playing a Chicken Chokers record on my radio show I discovered I was again listening to Chip, Jim, and Paul. When I actually met them, they were three-fifths of an old-time string band called the Primitive Characters. But they had things to say outside the strictures of old-time music, and Twang was born. Robbie Phillips joined the three on his handmade one-string bass (calling it a washtub bass doesn't really do it justice). Individually these guys had absorbed it all old-time, honky-tonk, fringe rock Œn‚ roll, gonzo journalism, all sorts of roots music. All of that came through in Twang, from the very non-traditional choice of covers to the somewhat demented originals of Paul Strother. In the months that followed, I saw dozens of wonderful gigs and heard a load of great music. Twang helped me remember what a song can be: a shared experience that takes the musician (and the listener) on a journey for a few minutes. The fact that they played more with each other than to the audience actually drew me in all the more. I always had a blast watching these guys, and I've never watched a band who seemed to have more fun with music.

- David Ritchie, Worcester Phoenix music writer and host of "Against the Grain," WICN-FM

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