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Second Slam
Muddy River Records 0235

OK, here's your "gotta have" for this year. It's full of fun music, most of it original, in the footsteps of the Holy Modal Rounders. Twang stepped out of the ghost of the Chicken Chokers from the Boston area. They seem to be playing regularly, and their crazy web site lists upcoming gigs. It's also replete with strange and crazy photos. Twang is:

"Chip" Taylor Smith - fiddle and pedal steel
Jim Reidy - various banjos and electric tenor guitar
Paul Strother - telecaster and fiddle
Robbie Phillips on the Wombat "Washtub"
Mickey Bones - drums... whatever.

A lot of Twang's material sounds like they have studied the Austin Lounge Lizards. Their A22 includes some good harmonies, clever lyrics and nice pedal steel work. And they do some really nice work on traditional stuff, like June Carter's Ring of Fire, where the fiddle is prominent.

Paul Strother's cover letter with this CD closes with,

"Let me know if you like the CD. If not, I'd just leave them in the car for vandals to steal - that's the best way I know to distribute old-time music."

But I'd disagree. Best way to distribute old-time music is for groups like Twang to keep on plugging away with their special kind of music. Keep it up, guys!

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