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Bob Jordan was cited in The Best of '95 column in the Providence Phoenix for performance and recording. He was also named in the Worcester Phoenix Best Music Poll '96 as a nominee for the best folk artist. The Worcester Cultural Commission awarded Bob a grant to record "Don't Listen to Me".

Bob Jordan is an active, creative force in today's music scene. His eclectic approach spans the genres of folk, jazz, pop and world music, and his relaxed/frantic stage persona make him unique among singer-songwriters. He is a self-taught musician, recording artist, soloist and accompanist, performing on various guitars, keyboards, bass pedals, toys, exotic instruments, found and homemade instruments, and voice.

Projects include...
Solo concerts (plus guests) (1-3pc.)
Invented Thing Quartet (4-5pc.)
Third Program (6-8pc.)
Soundtracks (Poetry, film/video, spoken word, sci-fi hi fi)
Short Stories
E.E. Cummings musical settings (for poetry events)


Four cassette albums f original music
Concert appearances throughout USA's east coast, France and Holland
Appeared in "So Wrong, They're Right" the movie
Holy Cross College (BA)
University of New Hampshire, Masters Candidate
Streets of Amsterdam & Paris
Related Experience:
Program Director and DJ - WCUW Radio * Music store manager * Children's theater performer * Worcester Artist's Group administrator * Booking agent * Festival coordinator * TV Host * writer * Composer * Producer * Consultant * Fund raiser * Teacher
Personal Specs:
Born August 6, 1949
Everybody's talkin' about Jordan...

His eclectic music, full of wit, and shaped by an array of sounds, has the potential to appear to people of all ages with a yen for something different. -Mark Cadigan, Worcester Magazine

A playpen of audio magic. -Joe Longone, Worcester Phoenix

An outstanding educator and artist. -D. Police, Principal, Maple School, Spencer

Bob's one of the good ones. -Col. Bruce Hampton

Jordan keeps his eclectic edge, coursing through styles like a mad dog, and splicing together sound effects like a European film director. -Scott McLennan

An inspiring release. One of the most satisfying listens of the year. -Michael Caito, Providence Phoenix

Copious musical talents... Imaginative, insightful, musically diverse and often weird... Everything from wacky to sincere... Charmed, bedazzled, bewildered and righteously kicked arse... Sublime -Caito

Jack of all trades... Sub rosa! -Jim Macnie

Avant-acoustic musical activist -Scott McLennan


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